Thank you so much for choosing Pet Images By Cheri to create authentic and expressive artwork of your furry family. I know that you will love the final images and the custom products that you choose for displaying your artwork. For that reason, all services are 100% refundable if you are not 110% satisfied! Let’s take a look at the process…


This is where we finalize all of the details of the session from where we are shooting, to meeting times, and discuss which products you are most interested in creating. This consultation is often held over the phone, but it can also be held in-person, if you prefer.

This is a critical step as each and every session is customized to create art that fits perfectly into your home and lifestyle. You do not need to make final purchasing decisions at this meeting, but having an idea on how you may like to display your images will influence how I shoot the session. If you are looking for a single knockout wall piece vs. a coffee table album I will shoot a bit differently.

Are you hoping to have a large print of your pets with the city in the background? Do you want a fine-art textured piece of your pets with a studio look? Is there a special place that you and your pets like to visit?

Please do not worry if you don’t know the answers to these questions when we have our consultation – that is what I am here for! We will work together to create the perfect custom experience for you.


Yippee! It’s time to play! The session is a strictly stress-free time. We will let the animal lead the way and may take plenty of breaks as we explore the area. Don’t be concerned if your dog doesn’t want to sit or if he is more interested in all of the exciting sights around us. I will bring out the best in our furry model, while working with the behaviors they are offering. I promise that even if it feels like they aren’t listening or we have to set up the shot numerous times, it’s fine. It’s expected and we will get incredible images!


We will meet again a week or two after our session in person or over zoom. We will go over all of the images, choose your favorites, and finalize your order together. Your files then move into production where they are magically transformed into gorgeous custom artwork that you will love for a lifetime.

Once that magical artwork arrives, I will let you know and you can pick it up or I can have it mailed to you. Most items take up to 3 weeks to arrive, but a few of the very special items may take up to 4 weeks. Once you take them home, each time you look at the item you will be reminded of your special companion.


We will try our best to hold our session at the agreed upon date and time, however sometimes Mother Nature has other plans! If we have an outdoor session and the weather is not cooperating then we will reschedule for another time. Indoor sessions can be held in any weather condition.

If you or our furry model is feeling under the weather, kindly let me know we need to reschedule as early as possible.


The focus of the session is on your pet, but your clothing is important too! It should be true to your style and something that you feel great in.

LAYERS: Layers add interest, no matter what the temperature. Think hats, scarves, belts, jackets, vests, jewelry, ties and layered shirts. Even the guys can get in on the layering action with fun tees or a thermal.

TEXTURE/PATTERN: Textures photograph beautifully. While it is often suggested that patterns should be avoided, I feel that they can work great when used in moderation.

COLOR: Don’t feel compelled to stick solely within neutrals. While everyone should be working from one color palette, feel free to add a splash of color!

SHOES: I typically shoot images of your pets down at their level, so your shoes will be in the photos.

AVOID: Please be aware that lots of white, black or really bright colors like hot pink/magenta or a bright green do not photograph well. Do not choose hats that create strong shadows on faces, such as baseball hats. Transition glasses can be problematic as they turn into sunglasses outside as well.

Think fun, colorful, comfortable and stylish, a fun party not formal clothing. I am happy to give you feedback to help you style your session.


Please exercise your dog prior to the session, when possible. It’s exciting to be in a new place but this helps us get down to business faster.

I always have a stash of treats, but if your dog is picky or has dietary restrictions please bring some treats too! Tiny pieces work best. Think dime-sized pieces for large dogs and pea-sized for small dogs. Please don’t bring them out until I ask. We start with other attention getting things and use treats last.

If your dogs has any favorite toys please bring them too!

Also, consider any props you might want to bring to be used in the images such as a favorite blanket, doggy sunglasses, a scarf, or anything!

Consider what collar or harness your dog normally wears. If possible, bring a regular flat collar for his portraits. If you need the harness for walking we can always change into the flat collar once we are at each shooting location. Show leads also work great if you don’t want the collar in your final images.

If your dog has a certain “haircut” that you prefer, I recommend visiting the groomer at least a few days prior. It can be overwhelming to go to the groomer straight to our session.


The most important piece of information I can give you is to relax and enjoy our photography experience! Your dog’s only job is to be a dog. If we have them sitting and they decide to stand, it’s ok! Just ignore it. If I need the dog to be in a certain position I’ll let you know and we can take our time to reset them. The most important thing is that you will remain chill and calm and don’t get stressed out. So as long as the dog is happy having a positive experience we will get great images!


Collar and lead – a nice and clean one that will be in the photographs.

Harness or head collar – for walking between shooting locations, if needed.

Treats – No one wants to work for free! Remember to bring SMALL pieces. No larger than demi-sized pieces for big dogs and pea-sized pieces for small dogs.

Water – for both you and your dog. You can share if you like, I don’t judge.

Poop bags – because poo happens

Shoes. If you have a fun and funky pair of shoes that you want to wear in some of the photographs, but they aren’t the most comfortable… bring them along separately.

ONE bag to carry everything! Trust me.


I am familiar with working with felines… on their time.

I will have some yummy cat treats but if you have anything that they just go crazy for please have some available! Maybe some lunch meat or even tuna… it’s okay to be stinky!

Please pick up the cat food a few hours before our session. It’s helpful if your cat is just a little bit hungry so that they are interested in the treats.

Close off any rooms in which your cat will hide under the bed for hours. We will take the session slowly and allow your cat to become more comfortable with everything but that doesn’t work so well if we have to pry them out from under a piece of furniture.

I will also have some kitty toys. If there is anything that you have that your cat loves to play with, make sure to have it out. We will try to avoid any catnip flakes until the end, as they often end up all through the fur!


My dog can’t be off-leash? Is that ok?
Yes! Most of the dogs that I photograph remain on-leash throughout the entire session for their safety.

Can I bring extra dogs or humans to our session?
In order to set your session up for success, please don’t. We want a nice and calm vibe during our session and extra dogs or extra humans can ramp up the energy level making everything too exciting. The only exception is if you have a legitimate pack and you need an extra set of hands to help manage the hounds!

How will I schedule my consultations?

Call (520) 314-9696 or email