Why Choose PET Images By Cheri?

Expertise in Pet Photography: PET Images By Cheri specializes in capturing the genuine essence of pets and their owners. With Cheri’s experience in working with animals, each photoshoot ensures comfort, resulting in natural and candid moments.

Tailored to You: We understand that every pet-owner relationship is unique. PET Images By Cheri personalizes each session to reflect the distinct personality and dynamics of your pet and you, creating a personalized storytelling experience.

Emotionally Resonant: Our photographs go beyond visuals; they encapsulate the emotions, joy, and connection between pets and their owners, creating timeless keepsakes that celebrate this cherished bond.

Artistic Mastery: Cheri’s artistic vision shines through in every shot. With an eye for composition and detail, our images are both visually stunning and emotionally captivating, transforming everyday moments into works of art.

Preserving Memories: Pets are family, and the moments with them are invaluable. PET Images By Cheri immortalizes these fleeting moments, allowing you to revisit and cherish them for a lifetime.

How do I book?

Here’s a form to book a pet photography session:

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What is the best time of the year to book a photography session?

The best time of year to book a photography session can depend on the weather and outdoor conditions. Here are some considerations for scheduling a photography session in Tucson:

  • Spring (March to May)
  • Fall (September to November)
  • Winter (December to February)
  • Summer (June to August)

Always check the local weather forecasts and discuss any concerns or preferences with us to determine the best time for your photography session.

How far in advance should I schedule a pet photography session?

Scheduling a pet photography session in advance is generally recommended to ensure availability and proper planning. 

Here are some guidelines to consider when scheduling a pet photography session:

  • Popular Seasons and Holidays: If you have a specific season or holiday in mind for your pet photography session, it’s advisable to book well in advance. These periods, such as spring or around the holiday season, tend to be in high demand, and we may have limited availability.
  • Photographer’s Availability: Check our availability calendar or contact us directly to inquire about our schedule. 
  • Allow Sufficient Preparation Time: Depending on your pet’s needs, you may want to allow enough time for grooming or training before the session. If your pet requires specific accessories or props, you may need additional time to gather or prepare them. Keep these factors in mind when determining your preferred timeline.
  • Flexibility: If you have specific date requirements or preferences, it’s best to book as early as possible to secure your preferred time slot. However, if you have more flexibility with your schedule, you may have more options available, even with shorter notice.

In general, booking your pet photography session at least a few weeks to a couple of months in advance is a good starting point.

What information should I give you before the session?

Before your pet photography session, it’s important to provide certain information to us to ensure a successful and tailored experience. 

Fill out the session form to help us understand your vision and tailor the experience to suit your pet’s needs.

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My dog can't be off leash or isn't well trained. Can you still photograph him?

Yes, absolutely! We can still capture beautiful photographs of your dog, even if they need to remain on a leash or have limited training. 

With most dogs, it is easier to direct them if they are on a leash.

Removing the leash is part of the editing process.

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I’ve never had a pet photography session before, and I’m a little nervous. What can I expect?

If you’re new to pet photography sessions and feeling nervous, here’s what to expect. First of all, just relax and have fun! I’ve been a professional pet photographer for over ___ years. I will guide you in preparing and creating a friendly environment for your pet.

My dog is shy/hates getting their photo taken. Can you work with that?

If your dog is shy or dislikes having their photo taken, rest assured that I can work with that! As a pet photographer, I understand that not all dogs are comfortable in front of the camera. I will take the time to create a calm and patient environment, allowing your dog to gradually warm up to the session. 

I’ll use positive reinforcement techniques, treats, and toys to engage and build trust with your dog. With a gentle and understanding approach, I will capture their unique personality and showcase their beauty. Your dog’s comfort and well-being are my top priorities throughout the session.

My dog doesn’t know how to sit and has a ton of energy, is that a problem?

Not at all! If your dog doesn’t know how to sit and has a lot of energy, it’s not a problem. As a pet photographer, I’m experienced in working with dogs of all energy levels and training backgrounds.
I can adapt to their unique personality and capture their natural exuberance. We’ll focus on capturing their playful and energetic moments, allowing their true spirit to shine through the photographs.
Don’t worry about their training level – we’ll work together to create stunning images that reflect your dog’s vibrant personality.

My dog is very reactive to other dogs/people/bicycles. How can we do a session?
If your dog is reactive to other dogs, don’t worry! I understand that some dogs have specific triggers or sensitivities. We can plan the session in a way that minimizes these potential distractions. We can choose a quiet location or schedule the session during off-peak hours to reduce encounters with other dogs or people. I’ll work closely with you to understand your dog’s triggers and ensure their safety and comfort throughout the session.
Can I bring more than one pet to my session?

Absolutely! You are more than welcome to bring multiple pets to your session. Capturing the bond between your furry companions can result in heartwarming and memorable images. 

Just let me know in advance how many pets you’ll be bringing so that I can plan accordingly. It’s important to ensure that all pets are comfortable and feel safe during the session.

Do you photograph pets other than dogs?

Absolutely! While dogs are commonly photographed, I specialize in capturing the beauty and personality of a wide variety of pets. Whether you have cats, rabbits, birds, reptiles, or any other beloved furry, feathery, or scaly friend, I would be thrilled to photograph them.

How long does a pet photography session typically last?

A pet photography session typically lasts between 1 to 2 hours. However, the exact duration can vary depending on various factors, such as the number of pets, their energy level, and the desired number of shots or poses. 

I believe in giving each pet and their human companions ample time to feel comfortable, allowing for genuine interactions and capturing their unique personalities. It’s important not to rush the session, as pets may need breaks or adjustments to ensure their well-being.

What can I do to prepare for the session?

To prepare for your pet photography session, there are a few things you can do:

Grooming: Ensure your pet is clean and well-groomed before the session. Brush their coat, trim their nails, and clean their ears to enhance their appearance.

Exercise and Rest: Give your pet some exercise before the session to help them burn off excess energy. However, make sure they also get enough rest, so they’re not too tired during the shoot.

Familiarize with Props: If you have specific props or accessories you’d like to include in the photos, introduce them to your pet beforehand so they become familiar with them.

Treats and Toys: Bring along their favorite treats and toys to keep them engaged and motivated during the session. These can be useful for capturing their attention and eliciting playful expressions.

Clothing and Collars: Consider if you’d like your pet to wear any special outfits or accessories. Choose comfortable clothing and ensure collars and tags are clean and presentable.

Location and Safety: If the session is outdoors, scout the location in advance to ensure it’s safe and suitable for your pet. Remove any potential hazards and ensure they’re on a leash or harness if required.

The most important thing is for both you and your pet to be relaxed and enjoy the experience.

Can I be in the photos with my pet?

Including you in the photos with your beloved pet is highly encouraged. The bond between you and your pet is special, and capturing those moments together can result in cherished memories. 

Whether you want individual portraits or heartwarming shots of you and your pet together, I am more than happy to accommodate your preferences. Together, we’ll create beautiful images that showcase the love and connection between you and your furry friend.

Where do the pet photo shoots take place?

The pet photo shoots can take place in a variety of locations based on your preferences and the desired atmosphere for the photos. We can conduct the session in the comfort of your own home, where your pet feels most relaxed and familiar. 

Alternatively, we can explore outdoor locations such as parks, gardens, or scenic spots, which provide a natural and vibrant backdrop. If you have any specific location ideas or preferences, feel free to discuss them with me.

What if the weather is bad?

If the weather turns out to be unfavorable on the scheduled day of the pet photography session, don’t worry! We can discuss alternative options. In case of rain or inclement weather, we can either reschedule the session for a later date that works for both of us or explore indoor locations that provide ample natural light and a suitable backdrop. 

Your pet’s safety and comfort are paramount, so we’ll make sure to choose a setting where they can feel at ease. Flexibility is key, and I’ll work closely with you to find the best solution that ensures a successful and enjoyable session, rain or shine.

Can you accommodate special requests or themes for pet photography?

I love accommodating special requests and themes for pet photography sessions. Whether you have a specific concept in mind, want to incorporate props, or have a particular theme you’d like to explore, I’m here to bring your vision to life. 

Just let me know your ideas and preferences when scheduling the session or during the initial consultation. I’ll work closely with you to understand your vision and create a customized session that captures your pet in a way that reflects their unique personality and brings your creative ideas to fruition.

What if I need to reschedule my session?

I understand that unexpected circumstances can arise, and you may need to reschedule your pet photography session. Please notify me as soon as possible if you need to make changes to the appointment. 

I’ll do my best to accommodate your request and find an alternative date and time that works for both of us. Flexibility is important, and I want to ensure that you and your pet have the best experience during the session.