LunaSurge Project

We proudly present to you “LunaSurge,” a project that encapsulates the grace and charm of these two extraordinary cats.

Cheri and Alex, the creative masterminds behind Pet Images By Cheri, seamlessly blend their talents to bring you a stress-free and harmonious solution for all your pet-related visual needs. Cheri possesses an unparalleled ability to capture the stillness of moments, while Alex’s cinematic finesse in filmmaking adds a layer of magic to every frame. The result is a perfectly synchronized collaboration, where every photograph and video clip unfolds like a beautifully crafted narrative.

LunaSurge 1

“LunaSurge” is a project that exemplifies our commitment to storytelling. We understand that your pets are more than just furry companions; they are a cherished part of your life. With Luna and Surge as our muses, we embarked on a journey to create a visual masterpiece that reflects their unique personalities and showcases their profound connection.

In our studio, we work diligently to ensure a pet-friendly environment that puts your beloved animals at ease. Every meow, every purr, and every graceful movement is embraced and cherished throughout the photoshoot and filming process. We understand that the essence of pet photography is capturing those unscripted moments, the fleeting expressions, and the love that your pets bring into your life.

The “LunaSurge” project is a testament to the love and dedication we pour into every pet photography session. As Luna and Surge gracefully posed for the camera, our lenses captured the elegance of their every movement. The interplay of light and shadow, the softness of their fur, and the glint in their eyes came together to create a visual symphony that showcases their unique charm.

LunaSurge 2

At Pet Images By Cheri, we are known as “The Dream Team” because we don’t just take photographs; we create timeless stories. Our aim is to make your pet’s moments unforgettable, to encapsulate the joy and beauty that they bring to your life. “LunaSurge” is a testament to this commitment, where the artistry of photography and filmmaking combine to create a visual narrative that you’ll treasure forever.

Whether you desire heartwarming pet portraits to hang proudly on your wall, captivating videos to adorn your website, or engaging content for your social media platforms, Pet Images By Cheri is your one-stop destination. With us, you can trust that your pet’s story will be told with grace, elegance, and a touch of magic.

In the world of pet photography and filmmaking, Pet Images By Cheri stands apart. Our passion, dedication, and artistic vision are reflected in every project we undertake, including the extraordinary “LunaSurge.” We invite you to explore the magic of Luna and Surge through our lenses and experience the beauty of pet photography at its finest.

Your pets’ stories deserve to be told with the same love and care you give them every day. Let us be the ones to bring their tales to life through the lens of Pet Images By Cheri. Luna and Surge’s story is just one of the many we’ve had the privilege of capturing, and we can’t wait to create timeless memories for you and your beloved pets.

LunaSurge 3