Behind the Scenes: Isabel with Her Fluffy Cat Eggnog

By Cheri Alguire
behind the scenes

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes glimpse of a memorable photoshoot from October 2023 at Pet Images by Cheri. This wasn’t just any photoshoot; it was a special day spent with Eggnog, a charming and fluffy cat, and his loving owner, Isabel. The calm and peaceful scenery around us provided a naturally vibrant setting, perfect for capturing the unique connection between these two.

Each photoshoot is more than just a job; it’s a mission to capture those unspoken bonds between pets and their owners. With Eggnog and Isabel, I aimed to encapsulate their relationship in a series of photographs that would turn into treasured wall art. The excitement and anticipation of delivering exactly what Isabel envisioned fueled my drive, overshadowing any self-doubt.

The perfect shot often demands more than just technical skills; it requires physical agility and, sometimes, a bit of discomfort. While capturing Eggnog in his natural element near a tree, I found myself lying on the ground, completely absorbed in my work. Unbeknownst to me, I had made the mistake of lying on an ant hill. The bites were a jarring reminder of the unpredictability of outdoor shoots!

What sets me apart in these situations is a blend of perseverance and a deep love for what I do. No amount of ants could distract me from capturing that perfect moment. It’s this dedication, combined with my technical skills, that I believe endears me to my clients and their furry companions.

The photoshoot with Eggnog and Isabel was filled with laughter, playful moments, and some unexpected challenges. Getting to know Eggnog’s quirks – his playful pounces, the way his eyes lit up in the sunlight – was a delightful experience. Isabel’s interactions with him brought a genuine warmth to the shoot, making every picture more meaningful.

Just as I was beginning to feel overwhelmed by the ant bites, something remarkable happened. Eggnog, in a moment of serene curiosity, looked right at the camera and remained perfectly still. That split-second was magical. Despite the discomfort, I knew this was the shot. I refocused, captured the moment, and it was every bit as enchanting as I had hoped.

Seeing Isabel’s reaction to the final piece of wall art was profoundly fulfilling. Her eyes lit up, mirroring the joy and love she shared with Eggnog in the photograph. The physical print of their bond, now a tangible memory, was a testament to the success of our photoshoot.

This photoshoot, with all its ups and downs, was more than just another day’s work. It reinforced my love for what I do at Pet Images by Cheri. The physical discomfort was a small price to pay for the joy and satisfaction of delivering a piece of art that would be cherished for years. It was a reminder of why I started this journey – to capture and celebrate the unique bonds between pets and their people.

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